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Jumat, 02 September 2016

9 Bukti Bahwa Blake Lively Cantik Sepanjang Masa

We’ve only had Blake Lively on Earth since 1987, but we know she’d look gorgeous in any time period. See Blake as Adaline, a woman who literally doesn’t age a day throughout the 20th Century, in The Age of Adaline, in theaters now.

1. If you ran into Blake out on the town in the Roaring ’20s, you’d think the decade was nicknamed after her fierce style.

2. Seeing Blake as a beautiful bride in the 1930s would give you the opposite of a Great Depression.

3. In the ’40s, women that looked as good as Blake were what kept our GIs going overseas.

4. If you’d seen Blake in the ’50s, she would’ve looked very hot during the Cold War.

5. If this picture of Blake in ’60s style had been around, we probably could have avoided the whole Cuban Missile Crisis.

6. In the ’70s, an era of shag carpet, floral wallpaper, and disco, Blake Lively still would have looked stunning.

7. There would’ve been nothing Orwellian about seeing Blake in 1984. It would just be swell-ian.

8. If you knew anyone with this much class in the ‘90s, you may have thought twice about your grunge phase.

9. Finally, there’s nothing more pleasant than seeing Blake in the present day. Just lovely.

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To see more of Blake looking perfect through the ages, see The Age of Adaline

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